Your Complete Guide to TMJ Appliances

Do not jump to any solution if you do not know what the problem is. Before investigating TMJ appliances, you must know what are they used for and when should you get one. Here is a complete guide to TMJ appliances Phoenix and their importance. Just make sure you read it all before making any decision. 

What is TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the connecting link between your upper and lower jaw. Any pain in this bridge is intense. The patient is intolerant to the pain. To satisfy the pain or to make the patient’s life easier, cosmetic dentistry introduced TMJ appliances. These are among the best solutions to give the patient relief from pain.

Why Do You Need TMJ Appliances 

TMJ appliances are needed for temporomandibular disorders more commonly known as TMD. Any pain or trouble with the facial muscles or jaws is classified as TMD. How can you find out if you have TMD? Every disorder has some symptoms. Some of these symptoms are stated below:

  1. You might face difficulty in chewing
  2. Pressure on the jaws may result in pain 
  3. The area right under the ears has unbearable pain. 
  4. Migraines daily or several times a week
  5. Swelling of the face
  6. Tender jaws
  7. Any teeth misalignment 
  8. Chipped or cracked tooth without any accidents or known causes
  9. Your jaw may get locked often. Maybe while chewing or talking. 
  10. Your ears might hurt as well. 

If you have any of these symptoms, consult a dentist near you immediately. Do not let these problems stay and make things harder for you. 

What Causes TMD

You would be surprised to know the causes of TMD. Some of them are so common that it has become a habit for many of us. After reading these causes, make sure you leave the habits or avoid them to be safe. Additionally, make sure you consult a dentist in Phoenix to help you.

  1. Grinding your teeth because of stress 
  2. If you are suffering from arthritis, there is a major chance of TMD 
  3. Clenching your teeth dislocates the cartilage in the jaw socket. This results in TMD
  4. Movement or dislocation of the cartilage due to any reason 

What Are TMJ Appliances 

These special devices are meant to solve any TMJ issues. They serve as a mouthguard. The pressure is minimized on the jaw if you are wearing TMJ appliances. The teeth-grinding and clenching effects are minimized. Many patients get relief from TMJ appliances. You cannot be sure if this is the right choice for you or not. The dentists in Phoenix can tell answer you or guide you to the best choice. 

What Are the Benefits of TMJ Appliances

The most important benefit of TMJ appliances is pressure reduction. It is important that your joint bear no pressure. These appliances or mouth guards resist all kinds of pain. You can work, chew, grind, and freely open your mouth. The dentist will decide the period of their use. You just have to be calm when wearing the guards. 

What to Expect During the Treatment 

There is nothing scary in this treatment. You may call it a benefit of TMJ appliances in Phoenix that their installation does not hurt like some other treatments. Your dentist will just take an x-ray or impression of the teeth and a mouth guard will be given to you. You have to wear the guard for the time advised by your dentist. After that, you will revisit the dentists. If everything is fine, the guards will no longer assist you everywhere around. The pain will be gone and you can eat, chew, grind, and talk as much as you want. The pain will not bother you anymore. 

Do You Need a Dentist

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not wait until the become your worst nightmare. Find a TMJ appliance Phoenix and get the pain to vanish. If you think that home remedies can help, they will. However, the results of home remedies will be shorter than expected.

Dentists at our facility can help you out. Our Dental office locations have advanced equipment to make sure our patients get the relief and protection they deserve. Do not worry because we are here to help. 


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